Sailing existed at least five thousand years BC and has been very important for human civilization. The most common word for a mariner is sailor because the first mariners were sailing.

The first sailboats had one parallelogram sail that was wide and short. The first picture on the left above shows a reproduction of a Phoenician sail ship. Unlike today's sailboats they could only sail at the direction of the wind and up to 45 degrees. These points of sail relatively to the wind are called run and broad reach. That is why they made sacrifices to Gods asking for fair wind.

Today's sailboats have sophisticated sails and can even sail against the wind, at a 30 to 45 degrees angle, a point of sail called clause hauled. As a matter of fact, top speeds are reached when the wind is blowing on the side of the boat at 90 and 135 degrees angle. This point of sailing is called beam reach. 

Greece has long tradition in sailing. The boat on the right above is a reproduction of Theseus ship. 

The term yacht derives from the Dutch world jacht wich means hunt. Jachts were the light, fast sailing boats used by the Dutch Navy to pursue pirates. A yacht is a boat longer than 33 feet (10 meters) that has good aesthetics and a cabin for overnight staying. It is used for pleasure or racing. Commercial Yacht Code defines yachts that are longer than 79 feet (24 meters) as large.

A yacht is either sailing or motor. Sailing yachts have sails and motors. They can take advantage of the wind when the right weather conditions exist but also have the option of the engine when this is appropriate. As a result sailing yachts are much more fun and eco-friendly compared to motor yachts and that is why we focus on them.

Racing yachts are designed to put more weight on performance and pleasure yachts on comfort. Nevertheless, the comfort can not reach that of a luxury hotel room but the experience is by far more fulfilling. Yachts are equiped with stove, refrigerator,  kitchenware, water heater, water tanks. The photographs above are from a 16,5 meter yacht which is an average size in our yachts.  

There are aproximately six thousand islands in Greece. The number of inhabited ones is between a hundred sixty six and two hundred twenty seven. The largest island is Crete (south end) and the second largest is Euboea (east of Athens). The islands are grouped in the following clusters; Argosaronic, Cyclades, Sporades, Dodecanese, North Agean, Ionian.

Usual sailing areas and destinations are Argosaronic, Cyclades and Ionian but the rest are not excluded. Some of our yachts are docked in Marinas in Cyclades and Ionian islands. 

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