We are a few kilometers distance from several Marinas in Athens Metropolitan Area. The closest Marina is the one in Delta Kallitheas (left below) which is a little more than1kilometer distance. Ιt is where the Hellenic Sailing Federation's offices are located. Νext to it are two more Marinas, Flisvos Marina (center below) to the southeast and Athens Marina (right below) to the northwest.

Our base is Marina Alimou (top of the page), a litte further southeast from Flisvos Marina on Poseidonos Avenue which runs along the coastline. It is the largest Marina not only in Greece but in Balkans as well. Agios Kosmas Marina (left below) is next to it. On the other side of Poseidonos Avenue, the northwestern, near Athens Marina are Microlimano Marina (center below) and Marina Zeas (right below) in Piraeaus.

Our proximity to several Marinas, the largest in Balkans

and the headquarters of Hellenic Sailing Federation

gives us a great advantage.

We have established close relations

with many boat owners and people from the sailing world. 

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